Climb to help indigenous mountain farmers conserve the highlands!

The PEAKS CHALLENGE merges fundraising and friendraising for EkoRural with an active outdoor pursuit. Just like a marathon, you can become a Champion of EkoRural by launching a climb-a-thon, bike-a-thon, hike-a-thon or any other outdoor-a-thon in support of our work!

Our mountain’s survival depends on the harmony between mountain people and their natural environment. Giving back to the mountains keepers will enrich your outdoor experience, and protect shared space and precious resources. The money you raise will help remote farming communities in the northern and central Andes of Ecuador overcome the challenges of living in a hardscrabble environment; farmers will learn sustainable water and land management practices that lead to improved living conditions, health, livelihoods, and ecosystem conservation. Watch how Alfonso and his wife Olga transformed their drought-stricken land into a productive, thriving farm:

Check out these PEAKS CHALLENGES for inspiration and guidance:
The Brush Goats
Eric & Karyn Greenwood
Matt O’Connell

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$17,820 raised
$20000 goal

Ithaca, NY
8 Champions
103 Contributions
Campaign Complete.